• Poolside pavers close up
  • Poolside pavers and timber
  • Entrance way to house wide and close up
  • Semi-circular steps
  • Semi-circle steps close up
  • Tight access earthworks
  • Outdoor pavers around tree feature
  • Outdoor pavers as steps in grass
  • Poolside paving

Domestic Paving & Outdoor Tiling Auckland

John Rose, the head of JL Rose Contractors Limited, has been paving, outdoor tiling and landscaping domestic properties since 1987.

But John’s real love is combining with home owners to make their sections and living areas places they treasure. If you’d like to turn your property into what you’ve been dreaming of, please do get in touch.

In this line of work, pictures do the talking. So please do explore the many photos, which are all from projects led by JL Rose, around this site.

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